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Established: February, 1994

PC's LEGO Empire


I graduated from Boise High School in 1987. After completing a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science at Northwest Nazarene College, I was accepted into the Dartmouth College Ph.D. program in Computer Science. I studied Operating Systems under David Kotz, receiving a M.S., though I never completed my Ph.D. thesis.

Political stuff

I've always been interested in politics. In 2004, I ran for Selectman (essentially the town council), and lost, but it was a good introduction to local politics. The following year I ran for the Planning Board and was elected, and I am now in my second term. I am also the Planning Board's representative to the MetroWest Regional Collaborative.

TV and Movies

I mostly watch Science Fiction. And thanks initially to ReplayTV and now MythTV, I watch it when I want to.


Remember when everyone had their own home pages? Now that's mostly moved to Facebook.


On 31 December 1981, with help from my grandparents and older brother, I bought an Atari 800 computer. I still have it, and it still works, though I have save some Atari 8-bit utilities that let me do things like use my Linux box as a file server for it.

Fun and General Interest

Technical WWW

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