Cat's Wedding

July 29, 1995

Bridesmaids Five Fabulous Bridesmaids:
Elizabeth, Priscilla, me, Lucia, Amy, and Ann Victoria Rose

And Five Equally Awesome Groomsmen:
Ken, Stan, Preston, John, Andy, and Greg

Dartmouth Guests
Guests of Dartmouth, Give a Rouse!
In as close to left-to-right photo order as possible:
Angela '95, Jen '96, my Uncle Byron '57/T'58, Lucia '91, David '93, Stephanie '91, Preston 'G, Jori '93 (she's there between us; look hard!), me '91, Abby '93, Chris '89, Andy '90, Anne-Marie '91, my dad Ron '61/T'62, Mark '96, Sarah '87, Daniel '91, Jeff '96, Priscilla '91, Ken '95, Michael '93

Cake Topper Our wonderful, homemade LEGO cake topper!
(The cake was great too.)

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