Work from 2003

agnes Award of Arms, from a version of Terrence's "Comedies," Paris, c.1450
Written with Black Walnut ink
Text: a takeoff on Hermia's oath to Lysander in I.i. of "A Midsummer Night's Dream;" the recipient played that part when I played Helena
December 2003
adelaide Sagittarius award, from the Bestiary of Petrus Decembrio Candidus, Italy, 15th century
Written with Black Walnut ink
This text was great fun to research. The recipient loves turtles
November 2003
kfc King's Fencing Champion award, from "The Canterbury Tales," England, c. 1440
October 2003
qfc Queen's Fencing Champion award, from "Ab Urbe Condita, Decas Prima," Florence, c. 1460-70
October 2003
ronald Royal Augmentation of Arms award, from "The Lambeth Apocalypse," England, 1260-1270
Text by Lady Susanna la Flor
September 2003
carolyne Laurel award, from "The Rohan Hours," France, c. 1300
Illumination only; text and calligraphy by Master Anton of Winteroak
Three of 32 pages in book
August-September 2003
rozi Silver Crescent award, from "Wonders of Creation," Persia, 9th/15th century
English text by Lord Brokk Jarlsson, translated into Maltese by the recipient's father
July 2003
klaus Award of Arms, from "World Chronicle Charlemagne," Germany, approximately 1300
Text by unknown Scribe of the West Kingdom
June 2003
harold Tyger of the East award, from "De Evitandis Venenis et Eorum Remediis," Italy, late 1400s
Text by Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen
June 2003
codyrose Tyger's Cub award, from "The Lichfield Gospels," Wales, c. 730
Text by Master Anton of Winteroak
April 2003
charlie Private commission of personal motto; original design
April 2003

At the same event at which the Pelican scroll below was presented, I was elevated into the Order of the Laurel! Click here to see the absolutely devastating scroll I received. I am desperately trying to live up to having it.

jade Pelican award, from a third-century Byzantine icon of Archangel Michael
Text translated into Greek by Lady Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea
March 2003
morwenna Laurel award, from a patent-letter of Queen Elizabeth, London, 1593
Written with iron gall ink on goat skin parchment
February 2003
anton Troubadour award, from "The Lindisfarne Gospels," English, late 7th/early 8th century
Text adapted from recipient's favorite speech in "Gargantua and Pantagruel"
January 2003

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